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Illinois, mid-western state in the N central United States. Illinois is bordered by Lake Michigan and Indiana (E); Kentucky, across the Ohio R. (SE); Missouri and Iowa, across the Mississippi River (W); and Wisconsin (N).

Featured Retreat Leaders

Phil Mitchell
Chicago, IL

Phil is a certified teacher and has 7 years of experience as
a tour guide in downtown Chicago. He is author of the book
"A Bright New Morning, An American Story." Phil is a family
man married with 3 children. Composer with original music

About Adrienne Zervos,MPS, CPCC

Adrienne Zervos is a certified Co-Active Life Coach. She is founder of Inner Life Coach, where she practices personal and professional coaching with individuals and groups. Adrienne holds a Master of Pastoral Studies from Loyola University, Chicago. She was professionally prepared as a coach through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Inner Life Coach
Adrienne Zervos, MPS, CPCC
Certified Professional & Personal Coach

Adrienne offers retreats and workshops on interest of wellness, compassion fatigue, business enhancement, and spiritual development. She specializes in health care givers, nurses, physicians and chaplains.

Master John Douglas
Spirit Repair, LLC

1555 Sherman Avenue, #328
Evanston, IL 60201
By Phone: 847-425-1496

To repair and develop the spirit in order to heal and positively evolve the spirit and physical body so greatness and fulfillment of ones life mission can be realized

John Douglas, the Master Spiritual Healer who brings you this meditation, practices extraordinary spiritual healing, or "spirit repair." Hailing from Sydney, Australia, John uses precise techniques and processes with Master Angelic Beings to heal the evolution of humans and the earth on many levels. Together, John and his companions are working to create change on the quantum "invisible" level to be experienced as healing on the physical level.

John Douglas was born in Australia in 1971. John Douglas is a Master Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant and Telepathic, in contact with Master Angelic Beings. At the age of nine, John received a complete clairvoyant activation, allowing full vision of the energetic or spiritual dimension. Higher faculties of remote scanning or sensing, of the energetic realm or quantum level is also a feature of Johns ability, allowing him to measure and identify various energetic frequencies within the body or spiritual realms. These remarkable tools have allowed John to practice extraordinary spiritual healing, or “spirit repair”, encompassing various precise techniques and processes that create positive change, healing and evolution in humans on many levels.

During his unconventional life, John has received knowledge and teaching of the healing arts and energetic realities both physically and telepathically from his spiritual companions, and from living teachers. After completing high school, John was led to a living source of hitherto unreleased knowledge, and continued to learn with these Masters for several years. At the age of 24, after many years of dedication, practice and learning of the spiritual arts, John received the initiation of Spiritual Master, and received the accompaniment of the The Master Angels. The techniques employed by John, via his spiritual companions are a powerful synthesis of known and unknown methods that are producing amazing changes and healing on all levels.

The “secret healer” has been quietly evolving and refining with the help and love of his beloved Masters and is now considered at the cutting edge of spiritual healing evolution by many admirers. Many lives have been changed and touched by the love and devotion John expresses to people, the earth and his mission.

Shayna Bracha - Joanne Farber

Shayna Bracha was born Joanne Sigel in Chicago, Illinois in 1955. She was also given the Hebrew name Shayna Bracha which means "beautiful blessing."

email Shayna Bracha can book Shayna Bracha Farber
to lead a workshop at your retreat or other event.

She began combining her art techniques and sacred Kabbalah texts with art instruction, having her students bring their favorite music to help them relax and teaching them brush strokes and colors, as well as use of Sound (vibration), Meditation , Prayers, Psalms and aromatherapy to free the artist within. Her distinctive style of art is influenced by Kandinsky and Klee with a touch of M.C. Escher. She is from the non-objective school of art. Shayna’s art has been called visionary and prolific.

Shayna is a Certified Sound Healer, trained by Chant Master Jonathan Goldman. She has also studied vibrational aromatherapy through Ixchel Susan Leigh, the author and teacher of Aromatic Alchemy. Shayna has studied Kabbalistic healing techniques at the Hebrew Seminary of the Deaf in Skokie, IL as well as continuing the process of Torah study with various pious teachers.

Shayna’s creation of art is very sacred. She has unveiled that her mission in life is to have the opportunity to get in touch with the populace. Shayna’s passion is educating others through lectures, workshops and seminars as well as taking private students. She would love to be a helpful and inspirational part of your life.

Shayna Bracha lives with her husband and son in Skokie, Illinois. Take a look into her world of light and color at

Rabbi Heather Altman first experienced yoga at Elat Chayyim Retreat Center in New York and is thrilled to return to share her teaching.

She created and teaches Rav Yoga, an infusion of Jewish and yoga wisdom and Tefilla Yoga, a yoga prayer service on the mat. A Forrest Yoga teacher training graduate, Heather is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher and has also studied with inspirational Vinyasa Flow teachers Seane Corn and Shiva Rea.

Rabbi Heather Altman has pursued her life's work in community settings steeped in rabbinical tradition, pastoral care, healing, and yoga.

An ordained Rabbi and graduate of Jewish Theological Seminary, Heather served as Associate Rabbi for three years at Chicago's Anshe Emet Synagogue and as Assistant Rabbi for two years at Bet Torah Synagogue in Mount Kisco, New York.

Engaged in leading others through the process of spiritual discernment, Heather is completing the Morei Derekh Jewish Spiritual Direction Training Program through the Yedidya Center and is a student of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality Rabbinic Leadership Program. Merging her Jewish spiritual practices with traditional eastern yoga and meditation, Heather is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and a graduate of the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program and a Shiva Rae Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training. Heather has pioneered Rav Yoga, which she teaches both privately and in community settings, and is the founder of Netivot/Pathways: A Jewish Center for Growth and Healing.

Founder of 12 Step Torah, Rabbi Altman provides support for addicts in recovery.

Creating Sanctuary for Your Soul

Retreat Leaders

Br. John Haselton O.S.L.
Organization: Spiritual Formation Center
Address:2485 Barn Owl Lane
Phone: 845 742 2796
Elgin, IL 60123


Our mission is to provide a relaxing place to meditate and pray for Christians. Discipleship in the Christian faith is also available, as well as Spiritual Direction both by appointment only. Come meet Christ with us. You will not only be instructed in the contemplative way of spirituality, but we will companion you in the growth process to being a mature believer.

Retreat Leader: Prophetess Donna Hall

Leader Credentials: Ordained Minister of the Church of God Reformation Movement, Anderson, Indiana. Gifted with the pastoral and prophetic mantles; 20 years Married, a blessed mother of one son, and has been in ministry for 22 years;Pre-Paid Legal Associate
Leader Telephone: 708.895.6630
Leader Web Site:
Leader Email:
Retreat Themes: women, families, spiritual retreats, kingdom administration, spiritual gifts, prayer, praise and worship, legal services
Spiritual Focus: Protestant-Christian, Pentecostal
Environment: Urban

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