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    Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center
    Leyden, MA
    Quietude: Monthly Personal Meditation Retreats

    Life Changing

    "The gift of finding the unexpected yet truly meaningful perspective through the almost 360 degree vision of the equine"


    Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center
    provides an environment of spiritual hospitality

    Calendar available here

    FromtheMonastery.com provides ways for monasteries to advertise their products,and for potential clients to find them.

    North Carolina is one of the thirteen colonies that revolted against the British during the American Revolution. North Carolina is bordered by South Carolina on the south, Georgia on the southwest, Tennessee on the west, Virginia on the north and the Atlantic Ocean on the east.
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    Featured Retreat Leaders in North Carolina

    Franciscan Passages, Inc.
    Retreats, Presentations, Mission Trips and Pilgrimages, N.C

    St. Francis of Assisi, one of the great Evangelizers.
    Invite us to your parish or group to learn more!




    Franciscan Passages is dedicated to teaching people of all ages and backgrounds about Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare of Assisi.

    The writings of Francis, Clare, their companions and followers form the foundation of our custom-made retreats, mission trips, presentations, and pilgrimages.

    With Franciscan Passages, you will learn about the writings, relish reading them and ultimately, discern what they have to say to you in your life, today.

    Julie McElmurry, Founder of Franciscan Passages: "...I relish the opportunity to share what I have learned through my studies at the Franciscan Institute. While it is true that God has not called me to life as a a vowed Franciscan, He has ignited my heart and mind with a love for the texts. A unique combination of ministry, education and life experience have prepared me for Franciscan Passages..."

    Patrick Cleary-Burns
    Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader

    Contact Pat:


    Find God in all things...

    Pat is a spiritual director who marvels at the profound love our God has for each of Her/His creations. He leads retreats that focus on deepening our experience of God’s love and discerning how best to live out of this experience.

    Patrick Cleary-Burns is available to lead the following retreat programs:

    • Individually Directed Retreats – A Time for Discernment
      Directed retreats provide an ideal setting for anyone facing a significant transition in life and desiring to follow God more faithfully. I utilize the wisdom of the Spiritual Exercises and prayer activities from Elizabeth Liebert’s The Way of Discernment to guide the retreatant through a prayerful discernment. My 2012 schedule is: Campion Center in MA June 1-9, Jesuit Retreat Center in OH June 26-July 3 and July 13-15, and Loyola Retreat House in OH July 15-22.

    • Retreats Within Daily Life for Individuals
      God wants to meet us where we live. Most retreats expect you to go away to a retreat house. This retreat offers a full experience of the St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises for the retreatant at home. Pat meets weekly with each retreatant in person or by SKYPE.

    • Ignatius of Loyola: The Accessible Mystic
      After his mid-life conversion and transformation, Saint Ignatius was graced with a life of mystical intimacy with the Holy Trinity. This weekend retreat focuses on our experiences of Ignatius’ mystical graces about the Trinity, Creation, Mary the Mother of Christ, the Humanity of Jesus, and the Eucharist. This retreat was piloted in Ohio and Indiana in 2011.

    • New Year’s Eve Retreat
      he new year provides us with a great opportunity to look back over the last year to find where God has been active in our life and look with hope to the year ahead. I lead this retreat every year. In 2012-13 it will be at Loyola Retreat House in Clinton OH. Where next?

    • Celtic Spirituality - Listening for the Heartbeat of God
      We can learn a great deal from the faith of the men and women of the Celtic isles who lived active, contemplative lives in constant awareness of God’s love and presence in all of creation. This retreat explores the Celtic practices of listening and watching for the Triune God and how these practices can strengthen our own relationship with God and our world. This retreat is offered at Living Waters Center in Maggie Valley, NC May 14-18.

    • Parish and Seasonal Retreats
      offer a variety of Lenten, Advent, and Pentecost retreats in retreat centers and parishes.

    For a complete list of upcoming retreats, please visit www.patclearyburns.net.

    The Quiet Place NC, Inc.
    (a 501(c)(3) Public Charity)

    Michael and Cecilia Gallery
    Retreat Masters

    Bakersville, NC 28705
    Telephone (828) 688-2689

    The Quiet Place offers daily, weekly, and monthly periods of prayer and meditation in addition to providing a haven for your own personal spiritual retreat.

    Credentials: Led by The Holy Spirit of God; offering Holy Spirit, Angelic, and Light Being guided counseling. Co-Founders of The Quiet Place NC, Inc. Co-Authors of, "God's Love Song To Man."

    Retreat Director - 12 Steps




    Leader Credentials: workshop coordinator for 12 steps,religion teacher, expertise
    w/high-risk, homeless, male alcoholics,and youth. Retreat facilitator for Matt Talbot and Serenity retreats.

    Retreat Themes: Spiritual retreats for recovering alcoholics and alanons.
    Spiritual Focus: Non-denominational

    This retreat will focus on seeking through heartfelt prayer and meditation to improve one’s conscious contract with God, praying only for knowledge of His will and the power to carry it out with guided meditation, lectio divina, praying with the monks and mutual group sharing. This retreat is designed for folks who wish to abandon themselves to God.


    Eula Mathis Davis

    Peaceful Journeys
    7413 Six Forks Rd. #141
    Raleigh, North Carolina

    Leader phone: 919 667 - 7189



    Eula has more than twenty-four years providing direct services to a diverse population.

    • She works with a philosophy of assisting the whole person: Spirit *Mind* Body*
    • Eula teaches individuals how to do deep breathing techniques and how to find quiet time to reflect, meditate and let go. She guides individuals in learning how to open questions of longing, faith, meaning and purpose of connection, disillusionment, despair, illness an death.
    • She teaches stress management techniques that provide moments of humor
      and it can be applied and used in life.
    • She wants individuals to learn how to enjoy the keys to living the life that was planned for them by taking the first step.
    • Eula "walks the talk" Eula learned deep breathing and meditation from her great-grandfather, A Black Indian. From the blending of an African American and a Cherokee came the art that was passed down to her. She considers it one of the greatest gift received as a child.
    • She is the founder and director of Peaceful Journeys. For more than 24 years, she has taught relaxation and meditation and other retreats to women, men, children and faith groups.
    • She has a BS degree from New Hampshire University and a MSW from Springfield College

    Leader retreat themes: Relaxation - Meditation: Mind-Body-Spirit -Single Parent
    Celebration - Couples Celebration - Sistah to Sistah- "Loving Me" - Mother and DAughter Celbration - Cultivation and Strengthening Faith - Golden Years Celebration

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