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God, Spirituality and the Brain

Truth Lessons for Your Soul from a Catholic Neuroscientist/Professional Facilitator

Dr. Kevin J. Fleming, President/CEO of Grey Matters International,a unique "thinking" company designed to awaken the truest of spiritualities underneath our decision making, our relationships, and ultimately our life's goals, can customize the brain's truths to ANY spiritual, religious or self-growth oriented retreat. It is easy to feel good at a retreat; harder to be transformed with rare gems of wisdom that will change your life. Trained as a
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Spiritual advisor
  • Life/Executive Coach for the high profile clientele
...the brain and behavior change information here will enhance information of any spiritual or faith denomination, for underneath it all there will always be a common denominator: a human being, a brain, and a decision. How do these three interact amidst self-growth and spiritually charged realms? What are illusions and what is true? Can we know reliably the difference?

Finally, an ideologically-free way to discern fact from fiction without invoking human resistance and defensiveness.

If you think about it, can you experience God without your brain or your heart? And what type of communication system goes on between these two that can enhance or detract from the quality of your life's decisions or relationships?

A worldclass facilitator who has written with Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey and others, he has worked with church groups, dioceses, Hollywood clientele, and organizations across the globe. A three time Notre Dame graduate, Dr. Fleming integrates solid spiritual rigor with humorous and deep insights that create a transformative experience full of "practical wisdom" typically not experienced in retreats.

Will customize to any retreat topic and travel worldwide. Contact him directly at or at 888-833-4580. For testimonials check out:

Rob McCallum is a recognized transformation leader in the field of visual art and education. Rob conducts customized seminars and study tours on visual culture to South Africa. They are personally undertaken by Rob McCallum (BA (Art), H.D.E (Cape Town University), MA (Ohio State), Ph.D-ABD (New York University)

Former Head of Fine Art and Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture - Johannesburg University (Formerly Technikon Witwatersrand)

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