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    Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center
    Leyden, MA
    Quietude: Monthly Personal Meditation Retreats

    Life Changing

    "The gift of finding the unexpected yet truly meaningful perspective through the almost 360 degree vision of the equine"


    Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center
    provides an environment of spiritual hospitality

    Calendar available here

    FromtheMonastery.com provides ways for monasteries to advertise their products,and for potential clients to find them.

    Washington State is bordered by Idaho (E); Oregon, with the Columbia River marking much of the boundary (S); the Pacific Ocean (W) and the Canadian province of British Columbia (N).

    Featured Retreat Leaders in Washington State

    WholeHearted offers retreats to provide opportunities for individuals to find nourishing rest and to wake up to their gifts and passions. Through study, quiet reflection, creative practices and dynamic conversations, retreat participants can transform ordinary time into a time of deep renewal. A refreshing sense of joy is possible when we take time away from our routines and recharge our internal power-packs! Join us.

    Stephanie, in her own words:
    "Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Naropa University’s Writing and Poetics program, I embrace writing as a daily discipline, a creative passion and my teacher in life. Through various community outreach programs I’ve been blessed to share my education by teaching creative writing in half-way houses and jails. The message that I impart is that writing is not only a doorway into our personal stories, it can usher us into our fanciful imaginings as well as our intuition. For me, writing is a practice of authenticity that expands perceptions and point of view, deepening the understanding of the human condition.

    For the past five years I have created and produced retreats, bringing notable facilitators such as Joan Borysenko , Reverend Cynthia James and James Finley into my community. I have become a greater part of those retreats by teaching a writing component for the participants.

    am an observer of life and a collector of the stories that connect us all. I have been published sporadically in magazines and newspapers and I write a blog at: www.somanyblogssolittletime.com

    Carol Spangler
    Vashon Island, Washington

    Carol is a graduate of Shalem Institute and leads contemplative retreats. She is enrolled in the Anam Cara program and has a particular interest in soul friending those facing death's journey.

    For more information, email Carol.

    Elizabeth Guss - Founder of Cohesion

    Cohesion is a training and development firm that helps people integrate their spirits and their work. Through workshops and individual coaching sessions, participants explore the relationship between their beliefs and their choices about work. The process of deepening self-awareness and growing consciousness changes the way they see themselves and their work. Wisdom traditions, workplace effectiveness, and definitions of success expand our view of our world and its potential.

    Cohesion consults with individuals and organizations that want to become more effective. Founded in Salt Lake City in 1998 by principal Elizabeth Guss, Cohesion programs begin with core beliefs, connect them to daily actions, and identify strengths to build on. Goals are then established to increase effectiveness in work performance and interpersonal skills.

    PO Box 1241
    Langley, WA 98260



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