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Women's Wisdom Retreats
Tobermory, Ontario

New Perspectives For Women
In Mid-Life

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Ditch your technology and discover family fun at the Renaissance Pittsburgh!

Via Yoga Retreats, Mexico & Costa Rica
Yoga retreat attendees who turn in their iPhones upon arrival receive a 15 percent discount.

Lake Placid Lodge
Adirondacks NY

Check In to Check Out
Take some time away from the calls, the emails and the updates.

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March 13-15, 2015
Sanctuary Retreat Center
near Washington DC

Yoga Wisdom & Kabbalah
Interweaving Two Mystical Paths to Experience the Divine
Experience practices from both ancient traditions to foster refined consciousness & personal experiences of a sacred presence.
More information here

March 14th-21th 2015
PORTALS TO THE SELF: A Women’s Circle by the Sea

nFeatured Retreat Leaders
Become a Meditation Teacher: Become a certified meditation teacher of the Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation Method.
Apply, enroll, and complete Home-Study course, then attend the on-site training intensive in Sedona, Arizona.
Program information available here.

Anna Graziano, cSD
Certified Spiritual Director
Bloomfield, NJ
Provides a listening heart, guidance and holy encouragement opening men and women to experience a life of freedom and wholeness body, mind and spirit by way of “Finding God in the ordinary events of life
Annam Elle Collier Re
Hood River, OR
Annam resonates to the quality of Light of each person, responding empathically to the nature of both human and soul,and inspiring us to true Awareness.
Visit Annam here
Connie Miller is the founder of Souldrama, seven doorways to
our spiritual intelligence and the new action model for twelve step recovery.

Connie Miller is the founder of the International Institute of Souldrama, NJ

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